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Renewables Tasmania

About us

Renewables Tasmania oversees our island’s renewable energy development, and the management and regulation of our energy sectors. We support a responsible and community-oriented approach to unlocking Tasmania’s vast potential as a renewable energy leader, and prioritise local consultation and industry collaboration. Our aim is to deliver affordable, reliable and secure energy supplies as the National Electricity Market transitions away from fossil fuels and towards a sustainable future.

Our strategic priorities:

  • deliver effective, efficient, transparent regulation of the Tasmanian energy sector
  • a secure and reliable energy system
  • lowest possible energy prices for Tasmanian consumers
  • grow the Tasmanian economy and create jobs from renewable energy.

In providing advice to the Minister for Energy on his portfolio responsibilities relating to the Tasmanian and national energy sector, we are also responsible for:

  • Development and implementation of renewable energy policy and strategies.
  • Engaging with Tasmania’s energy businesses and providing policy advice to the Minister on the objectives and performance of state-owned businesses.
  • Supporting the Director of Energy Planning’s responsibilities as specified in the Energy Co-ordination and Planning Act 1995.
  • Supporting the statutory position of the Jurisdictional System Security Coordinator.
  • Helping to maintain an efficient and effective Tasmanian energy regulatory structure.
  • Administering relevant energy legislation as assigned under Administrative Orders.
  • Actively representing Tasmania's interests in national energy policy development and in ongoing reforms and development of the regulatory and market framework for Australia's electricity and gas sectors.
  • Facilitating high level planning designed to respond to any major disruption to supplies in Tasmanian electricity, gas or petroleum products.
  • Undertaking monitoring, research and analysis on energy matters.
  • Providing authoritative information on Tasmanian energy matters.
  • Administering assigned programs, projects and major initiatives.