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Renewables Tasmania

Draft Renewable Energy Coordination Framework (closed)

Community consultation (closed)

Renewable energy is a key economic driver for Tasmania’s future.

The Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan (TREAP) is the blueprint by which we will leverage our renewable energy resources and transform Tasmania into a renewable energy powerhouse. A key action Framework of the TREAP was to develop a Renewable Energy Coordination Framework (Framework).

The draft Framework outlines a range of strategic goals and actions to guide the orderly sequencing of new large-scale renewable energy generation and transmission systems to transition us towards our State’s 200 per cent renewable energy target by 2040.

The Government will ensure sustainable renewable energy growth delivers strong economic outcomes and maximises regional and community benefits.

You can view or download the draft Framework here.

The community consultation period closed on Wednesday, 3 March 2021.

Due to a State Election being called, we are in caretaker mode which will delay publication of submissions. We apologise for any inconvenience.