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Renewables Tasmania

Renewable hydrogen

A dramatic shift in how we produce, supply and use energy is happening all around the world. As countries seek to decarbonise their economies, renewable energy alternatives are rising to the challenge of reducing emissions and powering a greener future. One of the most exciting is hydrogen.

Hydrogen, produced from renewable energy, makes great environmental and economic sense. Tasmania's abundance of natural energy resources puts us in an ideal position to capitalise on everything hydrogen has to offer.

Industry activation study

This Study was carried out to identify near-term domestic projects that could activate a renewable hydrogen industry in Tasmania.

The transport sector was identified as the most promising area for the consumption of renewable hydrogen in the near-term, particularly in the heavy vehicle segment which includes buses and trucks. A key initiative is the demonstration of hydrogen buses by Metro Tasmania, which will assist with building public awareness of the emerging hydrogen sector and start to build Tasmania’s renewable hydrogen industry capabilities. A summary of the report is available here.

Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Network 

The newly formed Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Network, a partnership between the Tasmanian Government and the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone (BBAMZ) hosted a series of Renewable Hydrogen Business Forums in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie during July and August 2021. The Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Network will:

  • focus on the hydrogen industry as a whole, including local use of hydrogen and export opportunities
  • help business to engage with industry experts and other Tasmanian businesses with interest in the hydrogen space
  • feature hydrogen industry experts speaking about the importance of hydrogen to the Tasmanian economy and the opportunities that will arise for Tasmanian business as it grows.

In February 2021, BBAMZ was successful in receiving $100,000 in seed funding through the National Energy Resources Australia Regional Hydrogen Technology Cluster grant program. This funding was also matched by the Tasmanian Government to assist the development of a regional hydrogen technology cluster to further underpin our renewable energy future in Tasmania. The development of a hydrogen cluster around key hydrogen projects and infrastructure hubs, or in regions that will service those hubs, will help to enhance local cohesion, capability, and efficiency in the hydrogen value chain.

In May, the Tasmanian Government committed a further $100,000 to BBAMZ extend the hydrogen cluster program beyond March 2022.

Key supports for a renewable hydrogen industry in Tasmania include:

  • ready-to-go renewable energy from our world-class wind and expandable hydropower generation
  • high-quality industrial precincts with access to deep-water ports
  • strong transmission infrastructure
  • road and rail infrastructure.

The Tasmanian Government has released the Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan, with a vision for our island to become a world leader in large-scale renewable hydrogen production for domestic use and export. Tasmania’s low-cost, reliable renewable energy resources underpin this plan, supported by four key pillars:

  • exploring the opportunities for using locally produced renewable hydrogen in Tasmania and for export
  • providing financial support for renewable hydrogen projects for export and domestic use, plus investment attraction activities with international trade partners
  • ensuring a robust and supportive regulatory framework, and the assessment of supporting infrastructure
  • building community and industry awareness, developing skills, and supporting research and education.

The Tasmanian Government also contributed to the development of the National Hydrogen Strategy, and our commitment is to work with industry, other governments, and the community to develop a renewable hydrogen industry that provides ongoing benefits for Tasmanians.

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